Moving on!

As the semester is coming to a quick close, it is apparent that we have discussed multiple topics of relevance. I think perhaps the most intriguing topic that we talked about in class was learning about the flow state. As a gamer, I find myself constantly wrapped within this flow state and find it near impossible to end the game once I get into this state. I would have enjoyed talking more about video games and the flow state as this appeals to me directly.

My favorite reading aside from the readings on video games would have to be Ms. Marvel. I liked Ms. Marvel because it was one of the first comics I have ever read. I found myself wanting more after finishing up Ms. Marvel in the sense that I breezed through the comic and wanted to read more because it was such an enjoyable read. As someone who loses focus very easily, Ms. Marvel kept me surprisingly captivated throughout. I did not expect to finish Ms. Marvel as fast as I did and I did not expect to want to actually sit down and read. I will defiantly look into reading more comic so if you have any recommendations, I am all ears.

My least favorite reading came close to the very end. I found the reading by Jean Baudrillard at the end extremely difficult to read. This was one of those readings where I found myself constantly trying to understand what the author was trying to say. Baudrillard’s writing is rather vanilla and confusing. It was hard for me to read this because I had to keep re-reading paragraphs over and over again to fully understand the concept of this writing. When this happens, I tend to lose focus which is probably why this was my least favorite reading.

Next semester, I am taking more Comm and Sport Management courses to finish up my degree. If all goes to plan, I will finally be graduating next December. Once I graduate, I hope to get a job in  baseball sport analytics as that is was what truly fits my interests.

While I enjoyed this class a lot, I believe that I would have enjoyed it even more if the topic was different. Teen representation in media is a relevant and interesting topic but I would much rather talk about topics such as conspiracies, dreams, the flow state, propaganda, cults, and sports.


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Comics are cool, Freud Comics are not

Throughout the various course readings this semester, my interest level has varied normally corresponding to how well I understood the central arguments of the readings. If I were to devise a spectrum of appreciation and likeness for the readings in this class, comics would bookend the whole spectrum. My favorite reading was Ms. Marvel, though I believe it sometime tries too hard to address every single social issue an American teenage will face, while my least favorite reading was the attempt to explain Freudian psychoanalysis through a comic. Continue reading

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Walking on Eggshells Here

I’ll just start by saying that I’m frothing at the mouth for a conversation about Ms. Marvel. We’ve talked a lot about the portrayal of teenagers in media, but I don’t think the class has discussed anything that’s so painfully out of touch in such fascinating ways. I think that Ms. Marvel completely fails in addressing its core themes, from growing up in modern America, to coming to terms with and appreciating one’s faith, to dealing with racism and prejudice. I’m hypercritical,


Kamala meming it up, as fellow kids #totally do.

so I’m hoping that our discussion on Friday reveals some flaws in my arguments. I feel that Ms. Marvel fails in fascinating ways, by unwittingly contradicting itself and perpetuating the stereotypes it aims to break. Ms. Marvel reminds me of the new Degrassi show on Netflix, in that it throws every hot-button topic into the narrative without having anything to say about any of it— aside from the general message that being a cartoonishly explicit yet naive depiction of a racist is bad.


Continue reading

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K Bye.

Ms. Marvel was an interesting choice for this class; comic books are no typically the medium I think about having the most commentary on society.  However, this course has shown me that this is possible.  There could probably be an entire course just taught over the analysis of Ms. Marvel.  I hope that this can be one of the further discussion points for this class. Continue reading

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Looking Back

I would be interested to talk more about recent technologies and their affects on how receptive the public is in allowing technology to move us forward or perceivably backwards. We touched a little bit about this when we talked about the Oculus Rift, and those were some pretty eye opening discussions.

Continue reading

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Hope people don’t overreact to the picture.

It’s time to summarize this semester, among everything that i could talk about, i think I will just give some unusual comments on this semester COMM2302.

First of all, I would rather argue that our topic about Teen Genre need to be further clarified. In magazine industry it is easy, but in game industry teen genre is extremely hard to identify. Maybe we did not talk so much about games of teen genre because of this. In fact there are many adult only games portray teens, one example is Evenicle by Alicesoft. This title can not be debated to portray teens, and it can not be debated to be adult-only.

Image result for evenicle

Evenicle, Alicesoft, 2015

My favorite reading of this semester is Frederick Kaufman (2005) “Debbie does salad. The Food Network at the frontiers of pornography”. This article is one of the most insightful articles i have ever read. By reading Kaufman’s argument and reasoning, I regained my will to draw and write again. It has been a long while that i question my motivation of doing art. people say i have bad attitude toward art, but i did not know why. This article gave me some insight, the purpose for me to do my art to stimulate others. Though Kaufman’s argument i found that my way of art is not necessarily bad. I just need to have a clear motivation to get myself recognized.

My least favorite reading is Delwich’s article about video gaming [i just want to be honest]. I have a tendency to analyze the dialog and signs in any video games i played because i have experience translating games. I firstly do not completely agree that good games are created for persuasive purposes, secondly the big titles mentioned such as AA are games that are sometimes called the worst game in FPS history. the reason to call AA the worst game is because the founding and producer team are way too good to produce this barely decent game, while the game still suffers from horrifying server and hack issue. The persuasive effort however, is present in all the good games. Other than delivering a message, persuasive elements is crucial for people to keep playing, or people will lose interest and give up. The good part of this article is the connection between government and game, this idea in fact helped me understand the action of Chinese government trying to take control over the games teenagers play, while inserting strange message into these games.

Next semester i will move on to my science path, I have to admit that this semester is fun and relaxing while i take only humanity courses and finished my common curriculum. However I see that I am better suited for science, and I will work harder next year.

For next semester’s themes I would be most interested in Heroes and Villains at this moment. I am reading a very interesting iconoclast novel <My Sword>, the hero in the story actually beat villain characters not by strength or virtue, but by being way nastier, meaner, and with far less honor, the plot is screwed in a way i never see events coming.

Finally Hope every enjoy a wonderful winter break.


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I Can Finally Add”Video Editing Skills” to My Resume

Looking back, the course-related themes and topics that I would suggest discussing further during the final course periods is ideology in films and in today’s contemporary American society. There were many topics we discussed that touched on everyday issues. However, this topic in particular stood out to me because of the prevalence of ideology in almost every source of media, from films to articles on your Facebook feed. I also really enjoyed discussing the idea of personal reality, and how one’s personal experiences influence and shape the very fiber of who we are. Going further into discussing both ideology and perceived realities could help students learn more about the ideas and intentions behind a certain film, book, article, song, TV show etc. Understanding another person’s perceptions expressed through media is important in analyzing the intended message or underlying meaning.

I enjoyed reading Ms. Marvel for challenging the ideology of Muslims since they are often portrayed as a negative stereotype such as the Arab-Muslim terrorist character. I am not one to take an interest in comic books. However, after reading this, my previously held opinions about comics have slightly changed.  It was refreshing to read a comic that not only challenged typical comic-book hero roles and stereotypes, but also of Muslims. I am also interested in learning more about the Muslim religion. My least favorite reading of the year was the paper by Bonnie Brennen (2012) “Quantitative vs. qualitative research” in Qualitative Research Methods for Media Studies. I personally was not interested in the article; however, it did provide useful information about qualitative and quantitative research methods. It was hard for me to absorb the information because I was not particularly interested in the subject. I found Brennen’s discussion about the importance of a researcher’s transparency when discussing their intentions and motives. She touches on the idea that research is a process that a researcher does because they have a genuine interest or intrinsic value held with the topic. Their previous experiences and biases can shape the research’s outcome, process and analysis in order to fit an idealized result. This excerpt is found in the “Quantitative vs Qualitative” subheading,”As we consider connections between a socially constructed reality and the qualitative research process, it is important to consider the notion of transparency. When researchers openly describe their theoretical foundations and research strategies, along with the basis for their decisions, intentions and motivations, readers become aware of the potential uses and implications of the research (Rakow, 2011).”

Next semester, I will be taking 17 business credit hours. I planned on taking all business classes because I needed to fulfill the core business class requirements in order to graduate on-time with an Accounting major and Economics minor. I plan to study abroad this summer if I don’t get an internship with Whole Foods or another company. I am sure that I will take summer school this summer because I would like to lighten my course load next year. If I study abroad, I was considering going to a school in Dublin, Ireland to take an upper-division economics course about the EU and an intro sociology course about the culture of Ireland. In the summer post-graduation, I plan on interning for one of the “Big Four” accounting firms in order to complete the internship credit for my major. I also want to travel at some point this summer. I considered going to Nepal to hike to the base camp of Mt. Everest with a friend of mine who I met while in Peru as a Human Rights Intern for a non-profit this past summer.

I think that the topics of transhumanism, surveillance, infiltration, and dreams would encourage intriguing discussions. All the topics sound interesting; however, I think that hearing about other students’ opinions on these specific subjects would be a great learning experience. Other themes that might work well in this class include international media vs American media and propaganda. The propaganda is everywhere. I know I follow fairly liberal media sources because my ideas align with the opinions they publish. I think it would be interesting to get out of that echo-chamber and see the other side of the spectrum. Fro-


Echo-chamber media sources. Found on article: “From Where Did You Get Your Political Beliefs?” on

m what I understand, American TV, movies, books and music, are amongst the most popular in the world. There is a global spotlight on the U.S. and its creation of these mediums. If there was an evening movie viewing required for this class, I would at first say yes I’m all-in, but when the time comes I would be stressed about going (assuming it’s after my track practice).

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