Hope people don’t overreact to the picture.

It’s time to summarize this semester, among everything that i could talk about, i think I will just give some unusual comments on this semester COMM2302.

First of all, I would rather argue that our topic about Teen Genre need to be further clarified. In magazine industry it is easy, but in game industry teen genre is extremely hard to identify. Maybe we did not talk so much about games of teen genre because of this. In fact there are many adult only games portray teens, one example is Evenicle by Alicesoft. This title can not be debated to portray teens, and it can not be debated to be adult-only.

Image result for evenicle

Evenicle, Alicesoft, 2015

My favorite reading of this semester is Frederick Kaufman (2005) “Debbie does salad. The Food Network at the frontiers of pornography”. This article is one of the most insightful articles i have ever read. By reading Kaufman’s argument and reasoning, I regained my will to draw and write again. It has been a long while that i question my motivation of doing art. people say i have bad attitude toward art, but i did not know why. This article gave me some insight, the purpose for me to do my art to stimulate others. Though Kaufman’s argument i found that my way of art is not necessarily bad. I just need to have a clear motivation to get myself recognized.

My least favorite reading is Delwich’s article about video gaming [i just want to be honest]. I have a tendency to analyze the dialog and signs in any video games i played because i have experience translating games. I firstly do not completely agree that good games are created for persuasive purposes, secondly the big titles mentioned such as AA are games that are sometimes called the worst game in FPS history. the reason to call AA the worst game is because the founding and producer team are way too good to produce this barely decent game, while the game still suffers from horrifying server and hack issue. The persuasive effort however, is present in all the good games. Other than delivering a message, persuasive elements is crucial for people to keep playing, or people will lose interest and give up. The good part of this article is the connection between government and game, this idea in fact helped me understand the action of Chinese government trying to take control over the games teenagers play, while inserting strange message into these games.

Next semester i will move on to my science path, I have to admit that this semester is fun and relaxing while i take only humanity courses and finished my common curriculum. However I see that I am better suited for science, and I will work harder next year.

For next semester’s themes I would be most interested in Heroes and Villains at this moment. I am reading a very interesting iconoclast novel <My Sword>, the hero in the story actually beat villain characters not by strength or virtue, but by being way nastier, meaner, and with far less honor, the plot is screwed in a way i never see events coming.

Finally Hope every enjoy a wonderful winter break.



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Mew, hi everyone I am Iry, I draw things. Please Follow me if you like what I drew. I am currently available as a video game designer, capable of doing both 2D and 3D works. Message me if you are seeking someone who can make your game look great!
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