Moving on!

As the semester is coming to a quick close, it is apparent that we have discussed multiple topics of relevance. I think perhaps the most intriguing topic that we talked about in class was learning about the flow state. As a gamer, I find myself constantly wrapped within this flow state and find it near impossible to end the game once I get into this state. I would have enjoyed talking more about video games and the flow state as this appeals to me directly.

My favorite reading aside from the readings on video games would have to be Ms. Marvel. I liked Ms. Marvel because it was one of the first comics I have ever read. I found myself wanting more after finishing up Ms. Marvel in the sense that I breezed through the comic and wanted to read more because it was such an enjoyable read. As someone who loses focus very easily, Ms. Marvel kept me surprisingly captivated throughout. I did not expect to finish Ms. Marvel as fast as I did and I did not expect to want to actually sit down and read. I will defiantly look into reading more comic so if you have any recommendations, I am all ears.

My least favorite reading came close to the very end. I found the reading by Jean Baudrillard at the end extremely difficult to read. This was one of those readings where I found myself constantly trying to understand what the author was trying to say. Baudrillard’s writing is rather vanilla and confusing. It was hard for me to read this because I had to keep re-reading paragraphs over and over again to fully understand the concept of this writing. When this happens, I tend to lose focus which is probably why this was my least favorite reading.

Next semester, I am taking more Comm and Sport Management courses to finish up my degree. If all goes to plan, I will finally be graduating next December. Once I graduate, I hope to get a job in  baseball sport analytics as that is was what truly fits my interests.

While I enjoyed this class a lot, I believe that I would have enjoyed it even more if the topic was different. Teen representation in media is a relevant and interesting topic but I would much rather talk about topics such as conspiracies, dreams, the flow state, propaganda, cults, and sports.


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