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Moving on!

As the semester is coming to a quick close, it is apparent that we have discussed multiple topics of relevance. I think perhaps the most intriguing topic that we talked about in class was learning about the flow state. As … Continue reading

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How Music Amplifies Everything

After watching numerous movie trailers of different genres I found that the overall pacing no matter what the genre is remains the same. The pacing throughout each trailer tends be quick while still being able to get the general gist … Continue reading

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From Nerd to Stud Through the Power of Sport

The 1985 film Teen Wolf directed by Rod Daniel explores the life of a teenage nerd turned stud. At first, Scott Howard is portrayed as a “loser” in the sense that he is not popular and does not fit in … Continue reading

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LuLuLemon Is Not Just for Yoga and Women!

When people think of LuLuLemon, they generally think of women & yoga. LuLu has sought to change this consumer perception by coming up with a series of gutty ads that emphasize much more than just yoga. The shift of focus … Continue reading

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East to West

When people ask me where I am from, I tell them “San Diego”, but the truth is I am from all over the place. I come from California burritos and In n Out burger which I crave just about everyday. … Continue reading

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