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I Can Finally Add”Video Editing Skills” to My Resume

Looking back, the course-related themes and topics that I would suggest discussing further during the final course periods is ideology in films and in today’s contemporary American society. There were many topics we discussed that touched on everyday issues. However, … Continue reading

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I am Loving

The recut trailer I chose to create is sourced from the drama-thriller I am Legend (Francis Lawrence, 2007) based off the book I Am Legend, a 1954 horror fiction novel by American writer Richard Matheson. In the original film, the plot follows the … Continue reading

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I am Loving

Recut movie trailers take certain elements from the film to advertise the movie as another genre drastically different from its original theme. In order to make a recut trailer believable, others must be analyzed to understand the components of piecing together … Continue reading

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You’re Not 16 Until I Say So

The movie Sixteen Candles (1984) by John Hughes epitomizes the lives of white, middle to upper-class, American teenagers in the 1980’s. Hughes also creates multiple perspectives from the typical stereotypes of teens in high school. The movie starts with the main character Samantha (Sam), … Continue reading

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National Geographic Advertises Responsible Volunteering Abroad

  The advertisements that appear on National Geographic magazine issues often vary in different cultural, environmental and societal topics that appeal more to the demographics of adult men and less to adult women. This magazine can attract a new audience … Continue reading

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The Quality of Being Spontaneous and Where It’s Led Me

Admit it, we’ve all had a moment in our lives where we had to jump into a situation with our eyes closed, not sure of the outcome whether it be good or bad. Many of my life choices are spontaneous. … Continue reading

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