K Bye.

Ms. Marvel was an interesting choice for this class; comic books are no typically the medium I think about having the most commentary on society.  However, this course has shown me that this is possible.  There could probably be an entire course just taught over the analysis of Ms. Marvel.  I hope that this can be one of the further discussion points for this class.

One (several) of my favorite readings for the class was (were) by Greg Smith.  His writing style made the information very accessible, and I appreciate that.  Thinking about the least favorite reading, I would say the comic on Freud.  It wasn’t really the information within that was unfavorable, but rather the artistic style of the comic.  It put me off, and made me more uninterested in the topic than I already am.  I understand that Freud has an interesting perspective of looking at the world, but it has already been proven to be so broken and unsupported that I am unsure whether or not it still has an academic value.


A symbol commonly associated with Anonymous, a group of hackers that draw inspiration from V for Vendetta and other surveillance aware medium.  In public, members can be seen wearing Guy Fawkes masks from the style of V for Vendetta.

As for next semester, I will continue to study here at Trinity.  I am pursuing a Logic and Philosophy of Cognition minor alongside my Computer Science major, so I will be taking a mix of Computer Science and Philosophy courses.  This course has been very interesting, and I would definitely support surveillance as a potential topic for the next time this course is taught.  One of my favorite novels is George Orwell’s 1984, and as a
Computer Science major I am quite interested in how technology allows for society to be monitored without our knowledge.  Aside from just reading from V for Vendetta, the movie could also be watched and analyzed.  This not only could reflect on the topic, but also on the differences between mediums and other adaptations of them in other medium.

I enjoyed this class, and the topics discussed by it.  Even though 9:30 isn’t as bad as 8:30, COMM 2302 has certainly reinforced for me that I am not a morning person.

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