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Mew, hi everyone I am Iry, I draw things. Please Follow me if you like what I drew. I am currently available as a video game designer, capable of doing both 2D and 3D works. Message me if you are seeking someone who can make your game look great!

Hope people don’t overreact to the picture.

It’s time to summarize this semester, among everything that i could talk about, i think I will just give some unusual comments on this semester COMM2302. First of all, I would rather argue that our topic about Teen Genre need … Continue reading

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Max Creepy Smile

Creepy smile? With the aid of soundtracks and video clips, the feeling of audience toward a nice smile can be completely altered. My goal for this project is to use different facial expression to achieve story telling though video clip editing (Adobe Premier) … Continue reading

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I am not here to spoil anything, but to surprise you!

Video Trailer’s overall purpose is to make audience informed and interested. During my research, there are many bad trailers that spoil all the action scenes and plots, but most trailers do a pretty good job. Among all the trailers i … Continue reading

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This is Just a Perfect Dream

The film, High School Musical (Kenny Ortega, 2006), follows a group of young and energetic teenagers though their high school life and present the story in a musical style. Two protagonist went though obstacles and discovered they can explore their … Continue reading

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So what to do if you lost your glasses

Well, it is a tough question. I believe everyone who wears glasses lost his/her/XX glasses at least once, or will lose it once in the future. It is very Important for you to PLAN AHEAD instead of PANIC after some … Continue reading

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Iry the story teller

Hi everyone, I am Iry’ice (as it is the name i usually use online) If anyone see me in real life I am Brian, international student from China. Currently wearing big glasses. I get into this class because i honor … Continue reading

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