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Comics are cool, Freud Comics are not

Throughout the various course readings this semester, my interest level has varied normally corresponding to how well I understood the central arguments of the readings. If I were to devise a spectrum of appreciation and likeness for the readings in … Continue reading

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Throughout my research on recut movie trailers, I realized that much of the genre transformations can only be executed by using segments of the original movie and establishing a new context for the actions taking place in those scenes. With … Continue reading

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How Hollywood Celebrates “different”

Hollywood is often criticized for discrimination of groups of people in the typecasting of their characters. The evidence supporting this claim is undeniable, see Jack Shaheen’s work on the presentation of Arabs in film. In some cases, however, Hollywood actively … Continue reading

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Superbad Liars

Superbad confronts what it means to change: the main characters are in the liminal state of adolescence, they will undergo a physical change of scenery upon conclusion of high school, and they are mostly motivated to undergo a state change … Continue reading

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A New Audience

Under Armour is an apparel company devoted to providing elite-level¬†products to athletes. Originally, the company’s goal was to provide a sweat-wicking, comfortable T-shirt for use in athletic competition. However, in recent years,¬†the company has expanded and attempted to insert themselves … Continue reading

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Is it better to be feared or loved?

Is it better to be feared or loved? The question many prominent and powerful leaders must confront and also a question I cannot answer and will not be addressing, but at least my creative title is complete. My name is … Continue reading

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