Looking Back

I would be interested to talk more about recent technologies and their affects on how receptive the public is in allowing technology to move us forward or perceivably backwards. We touched a little bit about this when we talked about the Oculus Rift, and those were some pretty eye opening discussions.


A man using the Oculus Rift

I really enjoyed reading Vance Packard’s The Hidden Persuaders (1957) reading. This was the first reading that I remember thinking / realizing how amazing it was that media’s history was so deeply rooted in gendered manipulation. I sort of knew that sexuality could be sold, but I couldn’t believe that even the fountain pen is a source of sexual expression. I found it interesting that the reading compared historical ads with ads today, as well, because this helped me see just how advertisements etc. have evolved for better or worse, or stayed the same.

My least favorite reading was probably Part Two of “Film, Space, and Image” from Bernard Dick (2002). Of course, this reading was a bit more technical than the other readings which was partially why it wasn’t as exciting. However, while learning about film techniques, I was a bit lost considering the reading seemed to jump between topics a lot, and I didn’t fully grasp the movie references to get a better understanding of the techniques.

However, one interesting part of this reading is the idea of iconography (Dick, p. 91). The idea of iconography shows us that the filmmaker can pay tribute to another work of art in a non obvious way, as a sort of nod to that original artwork. However, there’s a specific way to do this. It shouldn’t be too staged or stiffly acted out. This is an interesting style to use, as it’s sort of a funny / intriguing way to grab an audience’s attention that I never would have even thought of.

In terms of my plans, I will be graduating this December. Then, I’ll be headed up North to work and take my LSAT for law school. I’m deciding now between working in Taiwan for my year out or working as a paralegal. I’m really nervous about finishing up college but also excited to be starting a new chapter.

I wish I could stay since I probably would want to take another media communication class. An interesting topic would be dreams. I’ve always been really fascinated by dreams, as I think a lot of people are, so having a class dedicated to the theme of analyzing them would be great. I also think that there would be a lot to work with and expand on if the theme is dreams. Another theme that could be interesting may be taking a more political route and looking at the political motives / backgrounds of certain media outlets. I know we did this already, but having more focus could really be interesting.

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