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K Bye.

Ms. Marvel was an interesting choice for this class; comic books are no typically the medium I think about having the most commentary on society.  However, this course has shown me that this is possible.  There could probably be an entire … Continue reading

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Finding Horror in Humor

For the video trailer project, I chose to recreate the family-oriented 1999 film Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace into Star Wars: The Shadow Threat, a movie from the horror genre.  I did this in several ways, using techniques that can … Continue reading

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Thrill and Thriller

Every type of media tries to convey a message, and that message is sometimes particular to the medium.  For movie trailers, the message is to convey information about a feature film in a manner that will attract people to go … Continue reading

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Mature Themes in a Teenage Film

Brick (2006) is a film combining the mature themes of the noir genre and the innocence of teenage life.  Although the majority of the characters are attending high school, they are intertwined in a deep mysterious plot of drugs, love, and … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up Cleaning Products

  Seventh Generation Inc. is a company that manufactures cleaning products that are intended to be healthier for the environment than their competitors.  They do this through focusing their marketing on sustainability and natural resource conservation.  In addition, they use recycled and … Continue reading

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Cats and Funny T-Shirts

Growing up in a military family, I moved a lot.  It was hard to really discover who I was because my life changed every 3-4 years.  We could never have pets since traveling across the country every few years wasn’t … Continue reading

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