One of the main topics that I would like to discuss would be the impact of 9/11 on American’s views. With this recent election, there seems to definitely be a rise of racism and anger in America. I would even go as far to say that there is in fact much hate that brews from within the confines of this country. “The Land of the Free” from my perspective appears to be neither welcomed nor supported. Therefore, I would enjoy analyzing the impacts of 9/11, which comes from the readings of Jack G. Shaheen, and observe if this event was the sole correlation to the anger that fills many American’s. I believe this topic to not only be very interesting, but essential for learning about the differences that exist not only nationally but also globally.

Personally, for me, I really enjoyed Richard Appignanesi’s Freud for Beginners. I have always been fascinated with the chemistry of the mind. I don’t only mean on a chemical level. While neurons firing are a very interesting subject, I also find a lot of interest in how humans interact with the world around them. While this Freudian reading doesn’t directly cover this, it does highlight the personality and ways of thinking that occur within the human mind.

In contrast, my least favorite reading of the semester was the Bernard Dick reading. Although his writing was extremely useful in our analytical papers, I found the reading to be dry and repetitive. This may also be because I read the article a 1000 times. I don’t discredit his writing at all; it was useful; I just found his style very dull.

My plans for next semester involve a lot of engineering classes. I am studying chemical engineering and I plan to delve deeper into that subject. I will not be taking any common curriculum classes because my entire schedule will be centered on engineering courses. At the same, I will also be in the midst of an awesome baseball season. This will also take up a tremendous amount of time, but the fun that I get from the game is definitely worth it. Dr. Delwiche, on a personal note, I really enjoyed the class. I think it definitely broadened my views of the scope of communications and its importance, while also making me a much better writer.

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