This class seemed to move far quicker than any others I’ve taken.  At the same time, I realize we’ve barely scratched the surface of media.  I do wish we had more time to go more in-depth with the topics that were introduced, which is why I decided to take more communication classes in the future.  For the remainder of the classes we have left, however, I hope we can discuss teens in media.  We spent a good amount of time analyzing teenagers in movies, but I think it’d be interesting to see where teens are in other medias.  Podcasts, books, TV shows, comics (Ms Marvel anyone?).

Speaking of Ms Marvel, it’s easy to recognize my favorite reading for this semester.  I loved applying the concepts we were learning in class (from Scott McCloud’s comic to the readings about ideology, and even some from Bernard Dick) to the lively Ms Marvel comic.  While I wish we had more time to discuss and analyze the messages about “useless teenagers” that were brought up, I think they were blatant enough to be understood clearly.  Overall, it was encouraging to read something that wasn’t condemning the world we live in to a fatal and destructive ending.


Spoiler: In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, planet Earth is simply a giant experiment created by mice (surprise: they’re aliens) attempting to discover what the Ultimate Answer to the Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything is.  

On the other hand, some of the readings we discussed weren’t as enthralling for me.  Nick Bostrom, specifically, was very hard for me to read.  All I could think about while reading Bostrom’s works was how real The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy could be.  Douglas Adams would get a kick out of thinking of how fake the Earth probably is.  But what came first? Bostrom’s cyclical analysis of living in simulations, or Douglas’ alien-mice?  It all depends on the simulation. (I actually looked this up, though.  Bostrom’s argument first circulated in August 2001, while Douglas unfortunately died in May 2001).  In the end, I understand Bostrom’s argument a little better than I did previously.  His three propositions (1. Humans aren’t smart enough to live long, 2. Our descendants won’t care about us, 3. We are the simulation) are all equally possible, which is the scariest part.

Either way, I’m not planning on thinking of living in a simulation in the near future.  However, I do plan on studying abroad next fall (Spain!).  Next year, though, I’ll be exploring the communication major, as well as filling out a few more Pathways credits.  I’m also taking two Spanish courses, one in film and the other about Latin American history, to work towards a Spanish major.  If I were to take COMM 2302 again, though, I’d really like to explore topics surrounding propaganda.  This election cycle has been crazy, and I’d like to understand political persuasion a little better.

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