Well That Was Fast

In the grand scheme of things, I found the Chuck Klosterman papers read early in the semester as the most interesting topic of the class. The idea that people are so consumed by media that they began to think their lives are like a movie and deserve that false movie love, or that their viewership affects the outcome of a game is completely


Despite being set in a technologically advanced galaxy, digital displays certainly don’t improve in Star Wars (George Lucas, 1977).

true. As a sports fan, I understand what its like thinking that cheering (or jeering) from the couch was the reason a player did or did not drive home a game-winning run, and as such, viewing ones life like a movie or TV show is understandable. I would say that I would like to talk more about this in the final few class periods. However, looking back, these first few readings set the tone for the entire course, and, in a sense, we have discussed Klosterman’s papers throughout the semester, discussing how media makes viewers feel apart of it.

Although we never directly talked about the paper in class, Steven E. Jones’ reading Controller proved difficult for me to follow as I am not a gamer. Personally, I have always found videogames (besides Pokemon and Super Smash Bros.) difficult to get into, probably because I lack the patience and attention span to be able to sit down and play the games without feeling the need to get up and move around. As such, the paper was difficult for me to follow because I lacked familiarity with the consoles and their controllers. However, the important topic the article addressed was the same as Scott McCloud’s idea as technology as an extension of ourselves. As evident by Jones paper, controllers are a perfect example as they have also began to give players feedback, so the interaction works not only from player to controller, but controller to player as well.

For next semester, I will certainly have to be organized as it looks to be extremely busy, yet exciting at the same time. The week we return from winter break, baseball begins, and practices and games will carry on throughout the entire semester. Following up our National Championship victory will be challenging, but enjoyable nonetheless. Additionally, I’m excited to be taking two upper-division biology classes as I finish out my major and no longer have to worry about any more pre-Med requirements. I really do not know what else next semester will hold, but I am looking forward to it. As for COMM-2302 next semester, dreams would certainly be an interesting theme to dissect.

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