To the future and beyond


This promotional poster for Wizards of Waverly Place describes the key themes of this course. It promotes a teen TV show, while demonstrating that “everything is not what it seems.” In all forms of media, it is important to look beneath the surface to identify the message that the creator is trying to send.

While this semester provided many moments of difficulties and stress, particularly due to to the number of writing intensive classes I chose to take, I really enjoyed this class. The course material is very interesting and I love the theme we had for this semester. Since I am an Accounting major, I do not take many classes like this one. In fact, next semester all of my classes are related to business. This is one of the reasons I love Trinity, because I am able to pursue a major that I enjoy while taking other classes that I find exciting. For next semester, I vote that the theme is puzzles. I think it would be very interesting to look at the messages behind media relating to puzzles and what it is saying about society. Another idea is that the class could look at one genre of media. Similarly to how we looked at teen films, the next class could look at just horror or romantic comedies. Although this might not be as interesting as the puzzles idea, students could compare different messages from different films and look at media that is stereotypical of the genre and those that are barely considered to be in the genre. This could be useful to compare the similarities and differences between the creator’s messages in the same genre.

During the last few days of class, I really want to discuss more about comics and Ms. Marvel. Overall, Ms. Marvel was my favorite reading from this semester because it introduced me to a medium that I was not familiar with. I really enjoy superhero movies, but I never thought of actually reading the comics. In Ms. Marvel, I particularly liked when Wolverine and Captain America were introduced in the story. Since I already knew these heroes, it was cool to see them in something outside of the movies. I want to discuss the reading further in the last few days of class because I think the ideology in Ms. Marvel is interesting, especially with the continuous rise of anti-Muslim sentiments currently happening. We discussed this briefly, but I believe there could be more discussion about the message of Ms. Marvel.

Out of all the readings, my least favorite was “Procession of simulacrae” in Simulations by Jean Baudrillard because it is very difficult to understand. The readings during the video game unit that focus on the idea of nothing being real and living in simulations confused me because the argument seems far-fetched. There is some logical reasoning behind it, but since the idea was confusing to me, the papers were hard to understand. Out of all the readings for this topic, the Baudrillard was the hardest for me to understand and it was difficult for me to find the relevance between the reading and class discussions. However, one argument that I thought was interesting is the ideas about Disneyland. Since the world is made of simulations, Disneyland provides people with the belief that everything else is real because they know Disneyland is imaginary. Disneyland, as well as other amusement parks or things known as simulations, distract people from the idea that everything is a simulation and nothing is real. I think this idea is interesting; however, it is hard for me to accept because it completely shifts the way that people think about the world.

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