A Semester of Significance

With the final course periods I would love to talk more about ideology and the impact of “Reel Negatives” and how stereotypes are perpetuated by Hollywood. I felt that both of these topics are applicable for everyone in class to learn about and understand. It’s awakening to discover the types of underlying messages that are prevalent in the media we constantly consume. Also, such topics usually spark lively and eye-opening discussions.

This semester my favorite reading has been Ideology by Louis Giannetti. I feel that I was the most intrigued by this reading because it is a topic I have always been interested in. I’ve always been curious about how groups of people, individuals, and societies think and what motivates specific people and why. This is a complex concept, but I think it is very important for everyone to learn about and attempt to understand. I enjoy how Giannetti explains the use of ideology in movies and how directors assign certain attributes or characteristics to a protagonist to make the audience feel a certain way about him or her.

Culture Community Ideology Society Principle Concept

I would have to say my least favorite reading this semester was Bonnie Brennan’s Quantitative vs qualitative research. I found this reading to be a little bit boring and wordy. I realize that research methods are important and someday I may have to partake in one, but compared to the other readings this one felt dull. After reading Klosterman’s witty satires or about themes in teen movies this reading ultimately landed at the bottom of my list.

Upon reviewing the research method paper, there are a lot of relevant points. In this reading we learned about what a “text” is in regards to media studies. Brennan explains text as “literary and visual constructs employing symbolic means.” Prior to this, I never though of video games as a text that needs deciphering. Furthermore, Brennan details concepts about how communication has changed over the years and how language is fundamental to research. She writes eloquently on the topics and makes significant points about media texts and why they matter. Although this reading wasn’t my favorite I can see why it is relevant to a Media Interpretation course.

Next semester I will be on campus taking mostly business courses. I have a pretty full schedule but I am excited about a few of my classes such as International Law and Finance. This summer, I am planning on going abroad with the Shanghai program for six weeks. I am absolutely thrilled to be going and I can not wait to take classes, have an internship, and explore overseas.

I think dreams could be a very interesting concept for next semester’s class. I think learning about dreams and consciousness in general is fascinating. I know dreams and sleep are very important to one’s health; therefore, this could be a very good topic for students during a time when many are getting far less sleep than what is necessary.



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