But what am I doing in the future?

Looking back this past semester and all the readings that we have done, I would have to say that my favorite one was the “Ideology” reading by Louis Giannetti. I guess I just found it to be really interesting, and thought the left-center-right model was a really interesting way to look at media



In American Beauty, a married man with the “perfect” American lifestyle has an essential “mid-life crisis.” The movie itself is an obvious critique of the American dream and the pursuit of perfection.


and its message.  I also think its so cool how everything is going to have an ideology behind it, and there just is not media out there that doesn’t have some sort of, at the very least subliminal, ideological message behind it. For example, after reading the piece, I went back and re-watched my all-time-favorite movie, American Beauty (Sam Mendes 1999) and realized the obviously ideological critique
of the “American Dream,” white-picket-fence lifestyle, as well as a possible commentary on America’s obsession with youth and purity, as exemplified by the sweet, young, virgin girl that the dad falls for.


My least favorite reading this semester was probably “White Space is Not Your Enemy.” While it obviously was not a bad book, and I did learn a lot from it, such as how to properly use space when creating visual displays and different ways to set up text, font, and the overall format of the display to make it look appealing, I had trouble getting into it. I feel like the book was not actually supposed to be a book that you “get into” though, and rather just instructional, so this makes sense. However, despite not enjoying reading it, I am sure it will come in handy if I ever need to present research, make an ad for an internship, or do anything that requires visual design skills. As someone who struggles with anything that is artistic at all, I really do feel like I learned some useful tips from that book.

As for next semester, I will be returning to complete my junior year. I’ll be taking calc 2, mostly to test if I like math as much as I think I do, and an upper division bio, a religion class, history, and Global Health, which I am super excited about. I’m also applying to be a volunteer at the San Antonio AIDS Foundation, so that could be exciting. It’ll also be track, so I’ll finally be back with my love, the 10K. Long term I don’t really know where I’m headed, but I’m really interested in Epidemiology so I’d like to do the Peace Corps after college to get some global health experience (and to buy myself two years to figure everything out) and then go get my masters after that.

For future years, I think surveillance sounds really interesting.  I feel like surveillance is a fairly hot topic nowadays, with the NSA and the fear of the government becoming too powerful, so that could be something really interesting to look at. V for Vendetta could be cool  too since it talks about media manipulation, which is a really big issue today with not only fake news sources proliferating, but “real” new-sources being extremely biased.

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