Blog #6. Looking forward. Looking back.


If Breakfast Club (John Hughes, 1985) were released in 2017, what social media channels would be favored by Bender, Andrew, Claire, Allison, and Brian? Would they even speak to each other?

As the semester draws to a close, this is a fitting time for one final blog assignment. In a short (3-4 paragraph) blog posting, please address the following topics:

  • What course-related themes/topics would you like us to discuss further during the final course periods?
  • What was your favorite reading of the semester? Why?
  • What was your least favorite reading of the semester? Why?
  • Revisit that least favorite reading and refresh your memory by quickly skimming the pages. Can you locate at least one idea, passage, or extended argument that you found to be somewhat interesting or useful? Please elaborate.
  • What are your plans for next semester and beyond? What types of courses are you taking? Will you study abroad? Are you graduating?

  • As you know, COMM 2302 explores a different theme every semester. Previous topics have included conspiracy theories, metafiction, apocalypse, contagion, transhumanism, space opera, heroes and villains, and Campbell’s heroic journey. Some possible new topics for next time include: surveillance (Comic: V for Vendetta, Movie: Brazil), doubles (Comic: Revolver, Movie: Vertigo), infiltration (Comic: Sleeper, Movie: Infernal Affairs), puzzles (Comic: David Boring, Movie: Mulholland Drive), and dreams (Comic: Sandman, Movie: Waking Life). Which of these topics do you think would be most interesting from the student perspective? Can you think of any other themes that might work well with this class?

[Note: In previous versions of COMM 2302, I have also tried to dedicate a week to viewing a movie that intersects with course themes. There wasn’t enough time in the schedule this semester, but I might try to play a film next semester. Perhaps an evening viewing?]

That’s all there is to it. Please be sure to also include at least one relevant image. This image might connect to ideas in your blog posting, or it might be a single image that crystallizes key themes in this course. This blog posting is due no later than 7:00 a.m. on Friday, December 2. 

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