Max Creepy Smile

Creepy smile? With the aid of soundtracks and video clips, the feeling of audience toward a nice smile can be completely altered. My goal for this project is to use different facial expression to achieve story telling though video clip editing (Adobe Premier) of Jane Austin’s move Persuasion.

Adding on to the technique of cutting and sequence as a technique for expression, there is a stream of consciousness involved in the sequence. Through placing the scene in between a smile in class material, a different image of a person can be seen. I wonder if the horrified facial expression and smile may create a stream of consciousness that the one who smiled is the bad guy? As a challenge I found the very cute conversation footage in Persuasion (Roger Michell 1995) with good, appreciable smiles to work with.

In this project i significantly twisted the genre from a classic romance to a crime horror. The story is twisted that instead of having a romantic relationship, the male character started to do horrible things in order to persuade the protagonist female. I used the original soundtrack from the movie to say ” the world is against you” from the beginning. Because Bernard Dick mentioned in “Film, Space, and Mise-en-Scene” page 53, that close-up shot emphasized intense emotion. I picked all the horrified facial expression, close -up shot, to create a sense of terrible emotion to pair with the smile face. The goal for the sequence is to connect intense horrified emotion to the smile, which accuses the male character to be the antagonist committing crime. One other meaning is to say that he is happy to see these things happen.

My friend gave me the suggestion that I used that same smile too often. As a response i changed the smile to different expressions, while i refused to change his face. “Yes he is the one going to be accused for all these things happening” that is what i said. Personally i i think i expressed it well enough. If I change the face of male character to other, The type of sequence will become a montage sequence, instead of associate sequence (Bernard Dick, page 67-68) around a smile. montage sequence with mixed meaning will result with confused messages which is undesirable for this project. The cutting however, is very rapid because the stream of consciousness should be connected, instead of having scenes expressing meanings like Bernard Dick described in transition (Bernard Dick, page 71-76)

During the previous research, i found that many trailers leaked out too many plot and good footage to the audiences, as a result no one would really be happy to pay the movie ticket unless going with girlfriend/boyfriend or kids. I want to avoid leaking the plot, but insist that there are interesting things not shown (actually there is none) . Instead of actions of horror, i tried to just use the method of Closure described in “understanding comics” to give unlimited actions between scenes of smile and horror.

One thing after I made most of the trailer is the total balance between characters. It is overall a relationship-related trailer, The balance between character is very important to create an idea of relationship. I used two characters walked together and sit down to show their relationship, and tried to secure the position of two major characters. At the very end of trailer Audiences got to see the face of the female face in the bush, which indicates that she is the protagonist. According to Freud’s theory, the audience will not pay attention to how the male and female scene is balanced, but the female may be recognized as the ones that suffered from the events. Vance Packard also states in the “The built-in sexual overtone” that people will unconsciously think of sexual information, I don’t totally believe in his claim, but it is very prominent that when people see girls crying related to a guy, they think of matters related to sex, or at least courtship. The paired male and female editing further suggested that the more violent theme for the trailer.

It was a very exciting project. the only problem was that I had bad health issue which made me very sloppy working in the lab.



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