Blog #5. Trailer Remix

In this assignment, you will use video editing software to remix a trailer for a movie of your choosing. This assignment is intended to deepen your media literacy skills by encouraging you to:

  • explore connections between audio and video tracks,
  • understand the relationship between shot sequence and meaning,
  • consider the subtle power of transitions, lighting, framing and music, and
  • reflect on genre characteristics that audiences typically take for granted.

This assignment is also intended to provide a creative sandbox in which you can demonstrate your understanding of theoretical topics such as:  the denotative and connotative power of signifiers (semiotics), principles of visual design (gestalt theory and graphic design), narrative structure, representation, ideology, and psychoanalysis.

Last but not least, this assignment is intended to demonstrate that basic video editing can be both fun and easy. This is a good thing, for the ability to communicate effectively with video is an increasingly important skill in contemporary society.  Inexpensive video cameras, free video editing software, and a wide range of on-line channels for video distribution characterize our rapidly changing media landscape.

On Monday, November 21, you will turn in a remixed film trailer that significantly transforms the meaning of the source material. This clip should be approximately 90 to 150 seconds long. You will also post a 5-6 paragraph blog posting that explains your creative choices. Have fun!


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