I am not here to spoil anything, but to surprise you!

Video Trailer’s overall purpose is to make audience informed and interested. During my research, there are many bad trailers that spoil all the action scenes and plots, but most trailers do a pretty good job.

Among all the trailers i watched there are several trailers that feature two distinct parts that belongs to different genres. Those Frankenstein trailers are Youth (Machael Caino) Comedy-Drama, The Thinning (Michael J. Gallagher), teen romance- horror, Krampus (Michael Dougherty), Family comedy- horror. Don’t ask me why all directors are Mike it is just a coincidence. These trailers do a great job by surprising audiences without leaking out too much story or good scenes. For example, in the Thinning, the trailer begins with high school romance life, with romance oriented light music, the theme is blue. The turning point is the agent-looking man walks into the room giving student test, then the music suddenly changed into epic music, with high pitch violin sound comes in at the same time,the theme turns red too at the transition as well. The Krampus Trailer begin with Christmas party and Christmas dinner, with Merry Christmas as background music. As the movie title suggests St. Nicolas didn’t come, instead Krampus visited their home, the background music changed to Silent Night, the color theme also changed from red to dark green.

I think i have to mention the trailer of Warcraft (Duncan Jones 2016). The movie itself belongs to two distinct genres, Fantasy Drama and Documentary. The movie belongs to Fantasy Drama because it is a Fantasy Drama. However this movie exists as a Documentary for audiences who played through Warcraft I to World of Warcraft, the story is historical fact for them. The official Trailer has the narration of the protagonists of two factions, the original soundtracks and major battle scenes, city landscape scenes are displayed in a normal pace. Director’s way making the trailer only displays the movie content and genre to ignorant audiences. However I watched another trailer of Warcraft which is called Honest Trailer by Mat Pat of Game Theory on YouTube. It is very surprisingly a documentary trailer. Each character and related story was explained by outside narrator in a smooth way with calm Warcraft music. This Genre change recut lasts for 4 minutes, which is way longer than the original trailers.

The Audio Synchronization is very poor in the Table 19 (Jeffrey Blitz) Trailer, as i can see the actors voice swing around when they don’t seem to say that word with their lips… It is one result of audio mixing, most likely because they contain story information in the original clip which will spoil the whole drama story.

Typography is only seen in the recut trailers, and the typography always comes up according to beats and flash for about half a second. I love the way Dumb and Dumber was cut with “inception style”, which makes the movie look very serious. The actions of violence and aggressive language was used to create that clip. It is very surprising to me that the movie itself actually contains so many violent scenes but it all seems ridiculous with the movie’s story line.

I also noticed that in trailers, fighting scenes are always cut faster than the others. while others only cut around every two seconds. Maybe it is just how it works to save the good action scenes and still make the trailer great.

Movie Trailer: Dumb and Dumber (recut inception style), Willy Wonka (origianl movie, recut convert Drama to Horror), Warcraft (Documentary recut from Fantasy Drama),

Table 19, Youth, Transformers 5, The Thinning, Krampus, The Devil’s Doll, Sausage Party, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.


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