How Music Amplifies Everything

After watching numerous movie trailers of different genres I found that the overall pacing no matter what the genre is remains the same. The pacing throughout each trailer tends be quick while still being able to get the general gist of the story across. This is done in order to show what the movie is going to be all about in a short amount of time since movie trailers generally seem to be between 1-2 minutes long. Furthermore, action movies such as Inglorious Bastards and The Bourne Identity use quick cuts from an action scene to slow cuts of people actually interacting within the movie. This is done to show that aside from the action, there is a premise behind it which is important to understand. On the other hand, comedy movies like Superbad use longer cuts from scenes in order to show the humor within the movie. When it comes to comedy trailers, cuts from scenes are used in order to get the message and humor across where as in action movie trailers, there are much quicker shots from scene to scene. Shot lengths were hard to decipher because of the fact that the scenes were so condensed and cut to another one extremely fast. For the most part, close-shots were used when trying to show the character and medium-shots as well as long-shots were used when the scene cut to action.

Another key factor about these trailers was the music played. Comedy movies stick to happy go lucky music where as Action movies stick to fast paced rock and roll type music in order to maximize the intensity of the action. Then we have horror films such as Friday the 13th which use music in order to instill fear in the viewer. The music is slower, scary, and ambient. Music affects these trailers in the sense that it changes the course of emotion based on what you are hearing and watching. For example, watching the Inglorious Bastards trailer fired me up where as watching the Super Bad trailer made me feel good and happy. This is mostly in effect due to the music.

Narration within these trailers depended on a number of factors. First, in movies such as Fight Club, the trailer has Edward Norton narrating the premise of the movie. Inglorious Bastards also has Brad Pitt narrating the premise of killing nazis. Horror movies such as Friday The 13th use voice over to narrate. Rather than narrate the premise, the narrator says quick things about Jason and the killers outside. Horror movies do not need as much narration as action movies because everyone watching the trailer already knows the overall premise which is to run from the serial killer. For the most part typography appeared in these movie trailers only to reiterate the point as to what each movie is going to be about as well as displaying the overall theme of each movie.

The first recut trailer I watched was Willy Wonka recut to horror. In this trailer, sad depressing music is used at the beginning. As the trailer begins to intensify, the trailer begins playing that fast paced scary music. Scary sound effects are incorporated such a the sound of a knife stabbing someone. The cuts start out slow and then begin to speed up. When Willy Wonka is introduced, typography pops up saying “One Delusional Man”. This obviously explains who the antagonist is and what is wrong with him. Overall, after watching various recut trailers, I can conclude that perhaps the most important thing that changes the overall tone of these movie trailers is the music. If the music is sad, depressing, and somewhat scary sounding it becomes obvious that the movie is going to be scary. If the music is uplifting and dramatic such as the music in the It recut trailer to family fun, the movie seems like it will be happy and fun for kids. If the music is that feel good music, the movie becomes feel good. Another major key in these recut trailers is typography. In order to fully explain the dramatic change from what people already perceive the trailer to be about, it is necessary to use typography that is quick and to the point. Although I did not mention the scenes that were cut, it is always important to pick the right scenes that project a specific emotion.

Movie Trailers: Inglorious Bastards, Hacksaw Ridge, Saw I, The Bourne Identity, Superbad, Friday the 13th, Fight Club, Jaws

Recut Trailers: It (recut as family fun), Full Metal Jacket (Recut as feel good movie), Willy Wonk (Recut as horror)

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