Fast and Serious, Slow and Scary

Upon watching many movie trailers of various of genres, I found the fast pacing to be a surprise. I never realized how many shots are in a single not even three minute trailer. Whether trailer is a science-fiction superhero film or a serious family movie, the amount of scenes thrown out to the viewers is astonishing. To add to my shock I found the trailer centered around the importance of family to have the largest amount of scenes (88) to be featured in all eleven trailers. In consideration to the other types of trailers, the discernible pattern was the more serious the trailer became the faster paced it became as well. As the fast paced trailers bombarded the viewer with shots, I found I became more aware of the overall serious tone the trailer was presenting and became more or less engaged in the movie’s central messages.The slowest paced trailer was actually one of the recut movie trailers in which a children’s movie was transformed into a horror trailer, the slow pace effectively makes the viewers uneasy, among other elements.

Unlike most trailers I viewed the recut family to horror movie trailer featured no music. All other trailers included music. In a couple of movie trailers, I noticed the music would shift to perhaps portray the movie would not just take place in one overall tone. One of the children’s movie trailers I viewed shifted from rap to sad 60s rock to optimistic pop music. This movie trailer also portrayed the character living the bachelor’s dream, dealing with loneliness, and saving the day. In the superhero movie trailers empowering variants of rock music was a component that reinforced the awe factor of how powerful the superheroes are. Somber music reflected movie trailers that showed the main characters dealing personal issues whether the genre was a children’s film or a Drama.

Another trend noted was that the longer the trailer the more serious tones it gave off. Adding back to the one Drama previously mentioned, the trailer was the longest out all eleven viewed with totally out to two minutes and forty-two seconds. The affect this trailer had on me was overall not too great. I felt like I had seen half the movie already and knew surprising facts in concerns of the storyline that I felt would have given me more incentive to watch the movie but instead I felt disinterested and bored by the time the trailer had ended. The shorter trailers were actually much easier to follow and included less scenes with typography displayed in between shots, thus the direct and shorter films flowed to provide the viewers ease in maintaining interest in the trailer. However, the film that featured the most typography was actually the shortest film, the recut children’s film Frozen.

The recut Frozen is my personal favorite in which it displays techniques that were not effective in maintaining viewer’s interest in other films, but managed to pull of a short, creepy, and effective trailer for keeping the audience feeling uneasy and creeped out. This recut children’s movie gone horror utilized the voice over -which I typically saw at least once in all eleven trailers- in the unique method of repetition. The repeated simple question posed by a child was echoed through various scenes and coupled with the ominous music very much gave an overall creepy and horrific tone of the perceived problem character. Of the three recut trailers this one was the only one to not struggle with voice synchronization, which made it seem more legit and believable like the actual movie trailers.The slow pacing marked by the anxiety inducing questions appearing on the screen in between shots added to the effective spookiness. To turn a beloved children’s movie trailer into a creepy horror movie amazed me almost as much as my revelation of how very much fast paced usually are.

View the short and not so sweet recut trailer of a beloved children’s movie if you dare.

Trailers: Justice League, Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2, Assassin’s Creed, Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Table 19, Gifted, The Lego Batman Movie, Sing.

Recut Trailers: IT (Horror to Family film), Jurassic Park (Adventure to Romantic Comedy), Frozen (Children’s to Horror).

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