Nike ads aimed towards athletes or typical consumers?

The mood in Nike’s advertisements is lively, adventurous, and bold. This mood encourages the reader to work out and feel great about their body. Nike’s ads are designed for its target audience of athletic young adults in their early 20’s and 30’s.


Figure 1: Nike “My butt is Big” 2005

Nike’s ads use sans serif font face and include text that is white, bold, and in all capital letters. The contrasting text and background colors engage the reader and the capital letters make the text appear more dramatic. Sans serif font face creates smooth and simplistic letters that are easy to read.

Nike’s advertisements use vivid colors and obvious focal points to engage the reader. They use mostly warm colors such as yellow, white, pink, and purple. According to Haden and Golombisky’s book White Space Is Not Your Enemy, warm colors make the text recede while cool colors make it appear to come forward. The book also emphasizes that it is crucial to include  focal point in your designs so that readers knows where to look first (Haden & Golombisky, 2013). 

I found a few problems with Nike’s advertisements on Google Images. These ads place too much emphasis on the brand’s attitude instead of its actual product. The text and models in Nike’s ads can offend people who are not athletic or have different body types. In addition, the models are typically engaged in intense physical activity in the advertisements; however, most Nike consumers aren’t very athletic and wear the shoes on a daily basis. Nike’s advertisements focus on branding and appeal to its consumers’ desire to be strong, physically fit, and determined.


Figure 2: Nike “Find Your Greatness 2012

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