This is Just a Perfect Dream

The film, High School Musical (Kenny Ortega, 2006), follows a group of young and energetic teenagers though their high school life and present the story in a musical style. Two protagonist went though obstacles and discovered they can explore their talent and not keep the status quo.

Certainly a normal american high school life can never be like what happened in the film. Either from statics (roughly 25% dropout rate, 22.7% drug use, slightly under half underage sex – etc)  or real experiences (ALL my best friends did something for what they can never forgive themselves during these years), for most of the audiences, high school is a place filled with filthy smells mixed with insanity, not anything like a good place. So there’s a question what the film want to tell us about, is it a legit teen film when it does not describe a normal life of teenager in any accurate way?

People would say, “Dude, it is a Disney movie, this is of course pure fantasy!”. I would agree, but a good fantasy story reflect way more things about the society than a good documentary does. Disney movies always build fantasy with elements of sad reality, for example, in the recent movie Zootopia, racial problem, media manipulation, citizen monitoring, and corruption are presented in a way that innocent child and experienced man see these messages in totally different way. Luckily i have seen the movie High School Musical ten years ago, when i watched the movie again nearly all the elements twisted toward the experienced view.

Thesis Statement: The film High School Musical is a fantasy, a typical Disney movie. The filmmakers presented the problems of the teenagers by building fantasy out of these problems. The story reflect the real teenage life by making something totally opposite, thus an adult audience and a young audience preceive the film very differently. However the film overall encourage encourage the teenagers to be good.

Topic sentence 1: the musical event is a reflection of schoolwork and tests high school student faced during their high school years. the presented freedom is a reflection of high school student losing their choices and hobbies in order to achieve academic success.

Topic sentence 2: The innocent love story is a reflection of naive, nasty, and disappointing love affairs high school students had. 

Topic sentence 3: The mutual success characters had in the film reflects the sacrifices.

Wish this is not too much a depressing paper to write. I used to be a High School Musical fan, and I am very familiar with all the songs and lyrics, which I would put extra effort to analyze if it is appropriate.


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