Bye Bye Miss American Pie

Paul and Chris Weitz’s American Pie was an extremely successful and influential film. American Pie focuses on a group of high school senior boys attempting to lose their virginity before they graduate. Throughout the film, each of the four boys: Kevin, Oz, Jim, and Paul awkwardly navigates relationships and high school life. The film comically satires male sexual experiences primarily through crude humor towards Jim. For example, Jim’s father catches Jim using a warm apple pie to masturbate and Jim accidentally web broadcasts his premature ejaculation with Nadia, the hot foreign exchange student. Other characters fulfill more archetypal roles such as Oz, a jock on the lacrosse team but joins the choir, and Stifler, a cocky jock and womanizer. Ultimately, the four boys each successfully lose their virginity on prom night. 

Initial thesis:

American Pie accentuates the sexual insecurities in teenage males, while challenging conventional gender roles. 

Potential Topic Sentences:

1. Sexual insecurities are the main theme seen throughout American Pie. This can be seen through Jim’s premature ejaculation and apple pie masturbation. Finch becomes dateless for the prom after being embarrassed using the women’s restroom.

2. American Pie sends a message that teenage boys do not need to attempt to be smooth, confident, ultra-masculine, popular students. Even Oz, the lacrosse jock in the group, has an increasingly sensitive/awkward side. Jim, the main protagonist, is outrageously awkward and naive. The film portrays Stifler, the only cocky and ultra-masculine male character, as an immense jerk who is often the victim of pranks.

3. Surprisingly, the women in American Pie play powerful roles and control their relationships with their male counterparts. It can be argued that Vicky, Michelle, Heather, and even Stifler’s mom really control the direction of their relationships.

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