Why Wear Glasses When you can go Without a Day at a Time?

To wear glasses or to wear contact lens? That is the question everyone is troubled with after learning they need corrective lenses and Acuvue is trying to answer for the consumer.

Acuvue, owned by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc., has become a leading seller of 1-day use contact lens throughout the world. They have developed and made top-notch products that appeal to a variety of consumer needs. 1-day use contacts were made so that people did not have to worry about maintaining a fragile contact lens for several days or fret over contamination from multiple uses that may lead to infections of the eye.

With these in mind, Acuvue’s targeted audience is roughly between the ages of 19 to 30 years depending on the brand of lens the focus can be towards males, females, or both. For example the brand Define targets fashion savvy females while Oasys brand is more gender neutral. This is why advertisements tend to consists of the entire Brand Acuvue lenses such as Figure 2 and then having subsets like Define to cater to specific consumer markets. Overall Acuvue’s marketing theme has consisted with the idea that wearing contacts can bring out the inner beauty of a person or rather the “natural beauty” with the added benefit of enhancing one’s vision.

Here is a link to a PDF file which contains information about their target audience for Acuvue Define product from the Johnson & Johnson’s Vision Care Inc. United Kingdom website 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ Brand Contact Lenses Key Insights & Opportunity.


FIGURE 1: Acuvue Define, a print taken from campaign 2016. Source from Johnson and Johnson Vision Care Inc.

Figure 1’s product is the 1-day use Acuvue define lenses which the which focuses solely on young fashionable females. Figure 1 gives off a fierce yet sexy connotation if you wear these contacts through the focus on the strong gaze of the woman while the white and bright pink emphasize these qualities. The whitespaces that fill most of the print help bring the focus on the dramatic change the lens does for her by drawing the focus towards the eyes. While the text is of the sans-serif typefaces persuasion with a simple basic strong black text to introduce the product and then a flashy smooth white text of “define” to bring out the sexy and fashionable appeal of the said contacts.

SG10MESPL01366_Spike Acuvue_3

FIGURE 2: Eyes as Natural as Nature, sample ad from 2013. Created by McCann Worldgroup Signapore

Figure 2 in contrast to Figure 1 is going for a more calmer route with bright soothing colors and a colorful landscape to show that beauty is already there why cover it up. Whitespace in this figure is used to emphasize the whole beauty of the landscape by allowing the viewer’s eyes to wander the print which is symbolic of the natural beauty of one’s face. The text it uses is sans-serif typeface as well but with variety in the bold and size of the words to draw the eyes to key words such as “EYES” and “NATURAL“.



FIGURE 3: Brand New, From Acuvue in Brazil, 2006. Created by McCann Erickson Brasil, Brazil

Figure 3 similar to Figure 1 uses bright colors through an overexposed shot and whitespace to stress the beauty of the eyes. Overexposed shots are done by taking in more light than needed when shooting the photo by having the shutter stay open longer than needed allowing more light into the photo creating a brighter picture. By doing this the print is able to highlight the fierce and beauty of the eye and contact lens in use. This could be a shortcoming of this is that looking closely at the photo it is possible that the model isn’t even wearing contacts since there is no blue rim around the iris. On the other hand this photo could be relaying the message that Acuvue contacts are so natural you don’t even realize they are there or the lenses bring out the shine in your eyes because of the way, “You put the lenses”, and “How others see you”.


In each of these Figures, Acuvue is trying to relay that wearing contacts will brings out hidden potential or can amplify it. These advertisements goals are to build up the product and convince potential consumers that it is worth investing in. By being simple with the use of whitespaces and the play on bright colors these advertisements are able to bring to the table powerful messages about how their products can improve the allure of said consumer and make their product that much more desirable for their target audience.

There is also a hidden message that is saying wearing glasses is not fashionable and it also potentially hides the true self underneath. In the end to wear contacts or to wear glasses, is ultimately what Acuvue is trying to answer by pushing the beauty of being frameless and using their product.

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