So what to do if you lost your glasses

Well, it is a tough question. I believe everyone who wears glasses lost his/her/XX glasses at least once, or will lose it once in the future.

It is very Important for you to PLAN AHEAD instead of PANIC after some day you find out you can’t find your glasses anymore.

Now it is the Theme, I will help the Zenni Optical make a Print advertisement which makes more people buy eyeglasses online!

Image result for online glasses print advertisement

Figure 1. Sample Advertisement for This advertisement were printed somewhere but can not find it.

Summary of my findings online:

First of all I need to announce that, I did not find any particular attracting advertisement. However i gathered enough information to write the summary. I have to mention that they appear in online form with a hyperlink way more often than they appear on print magazines to a degree i can not find any scanned printed images on magazine (i guess no one scan them, because the original vision full size free-to-catch on internet)

I would say all of these advertisement are very simple, which emphasize the idea people order the eyeglasses online to save several trips to the glasses store or optic center. All the advertisement i find has a white background with slight blue color theme, even when these advertisements are for both male and female audiences . I would assume this azure theme is designated for clearly and sight, which fits the nature of eyeglasses. when the color theme resembles sky, most of the page is write spaces. The term they use for type is mostly serif (for more reliability feeling), but sans-serif on advertisements regarding style.

The major consumer in the online eyeglasses business has a very narrow range but yet a large population. Mostly three types of audiences would buy a pair of glasses there:

  1. Men and Women who want a pair of stylish eyeglasses.
  2. People who lost their glasses and need emergency replacement, the glasses come in one week to your home.(normal shopping require at least 2 trips, and 2days-2weeks depends on your luck, will take nearly a month if it need to be re-prescribed)
  3. People who want a cheaper price.

Because of the strict consumer range, the goal of advertisement is to gain popularity and trust. The way these advertisement distribute online is extremely interesting however, when someone key in “lost my glasses” or “online glasses” in some major search engines and on amazon,  That person will see the advertisement in google ads. panel, which appears in webpages at a insane frequency (I say insane because nearly all of the frequently visited websites installed it)

Image result for online glasses

Figure 2. Sample Advertisement From This advertisement is more Fashion Oriented

The Messaging in these advertisements has a major problem. I would say it is more an obstacle, instead of problem. This business has major concern that people could get a prescribed glasses easily with a fake prescription, which endangers the eye health of those who do not want to pay the optometrist or go to the appointment. As the result, these ads. DO NOT TELL PEOPLE TO BUY because letting the wrong people buy their product will create health problems. Overall the ads. are all for gaining popularity and brand, while providing a good amount of discount and encouragement to those who already bought their product once or more.

Image result for online glasses

Figure 3. Sample Advertisement form Showing their good price.


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