LuLuLemon Is Not Just for Yoga and Women!

When people think of LuLuLemon, they generally think of women & yoga. LuLu has sought to change this consumer perception by coming up with a series of gutty ads that emphasize much more than just yoga. The shift of focus from women to men in these advertisements shows how LuLu must think outside the box in order to grab the attention of males.

Figure 1. is a perfect representation of the classic LuLu Lemon ad. The ad uses bold white sans-serif font in order to stand out from the white space. Generally speaking, LuLu ads use whitespace to draw the viewers attention towards the center of the ad where they place a model wearing their clothes. The message to the consumer is simple: “LuLu Lemon is comfortable and great for yoga.” So the question that must be asked is how does LuLu shift its focus from yoga and women to men and comfort?

Figure 2. shows LuLuLemon’s attempt to shift it’s focus from comfortable yoga clothing to comfortable clothing you could lounge in all day. Although the ad stays consistent with other lulu ads in terms of color and typeface, there are many problems with the ad. First off, there is way to much going on and the viewer does not know where to look. Furthermore, the viewer does not know what to look for because the text is so small. The text forces the viewer to question why it is so small. Is the message irrelevant to the text? Why is the text even there if you can barely read it? Why even bother reading? Clearly they don’t want you to read it. This ad is trying to build their brand as not only for women but also for men. Going off of that, LuLu sticks to one of it’s main components which is comfort.

The last ad shows just how gutsy LuLu is in creating their ads. The message they are sending is comfort catered towards men. Figure 3. shows LuLuLemon’s attempt to grab the attention of men. Again, there are multiple problems with this add. Firstly, no man wants a crotch shot directly facing them. If anything this ad forces men to look away or turn the page as quick as possible. Secondly, the logo placement is absurd and inappropriate.

Overall, LuLu Lemon ads generally speaking stick to a bold white san serif font while using white space to keep their models as the center of attention. The biggest problem with the advertisements targeting men is that they don’t do a good job in keeping the viewers attention as well as making the viewer think about the product. On the other hand, the message in all their ads displayed is very clear which is an emphasis on comfort.


Figure 3. All new ABC pants for men


Figure 2. Guy lounging in LuLu Lemon sweat pants. 


Figure 1. LuLu Lemon typical Yoga advertisement.

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