The North Face

The North Face offers a wide variety of products predominately featured towards outdoor activities. They focus in on gear that allows adventurists to engage in trekking an


Figure 1: Sample of a nature shot of a backpack produced by The North Face

d backpacking trips for a vast range of environments. Potential buyers can look at The North Face products on their website. The ads show a lot of nature. The dominant mood of these ads involves cold, almost lonesome shots that release a sense of peace once viewing them. However, they also give viewers a calming sensation from the beautiful imagery. The marketing sect of The North Face especially targets the hearts of adventurists. They make it seem possible for anyone to adventure into these gorgeous locations on Earth. Overall, the photos emit a sense of journey and wonder within viewers.

One commonality amongst all three ads is that they do not include typeface of any variety. It is possible that typeface is not included so that potential buyers are more intrigued by the possibility of the product. This leaves room for interpretation in the advertisements. Furthermore, the color scheme that The North Face uses is a set of very cold colors. The only contrast in the ads are a set of popping warm colors. These colors are used to have viewers focus in on a vibrant bright color, which is the product The North Face is attempting to sell.

The layout to each individual photo centers on a single object. Whether a man or a piece of gear, the intent of each layout is to hone in on the main obje-


Figure 2: Sample of a camping tent and extreme environment that The North Face makes possible to trek in 

ct. In order to accomplish this, each advertisement features a white space in the layout. The white space is most generally a piece of nature like sky, a mountain range, or a lake. These offer a beautiful background that makes the main portion of the photo pop. With the combination of nature and calm moods portrayed by the ads, these advertisements attempt to provoke the inner adventurist of each respective buyer. The copious amount of different scenery and gear in each advertisement informs the viewers and buyers of the large variety of merchandise that The North Face offers. In the images chosen, no single product is trying to be sold. Rather, the overall vibe of The North Face is what is attempting to be conveyed.


One of the main problems with the advertisements is that they are not personalized. What this means is that the main object of each ad is not on the emo-


Figure 3: Sample advertisement of The North Face backpack, gear, and clothing 

tions of the person. Instead, the photos are attempting to sell the product based on the experience. The gear is not being depicted nor analyzed. In fact, it is implied that with the gear, buyers would enjoy similar experiences to the ones illustrated in each photo. However, there is definitely not a lack of creativity in each advertisement. The focus on creativity and the environment is a good advertisement scheme for The North Face.


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