Nike: The King of Footwear

Nike is the largest footwear company in the world concerning sales. They make great products, but that is not enough to get them to the top. They also create some of the best advertisements around the footwear market. They are very effective in their advertising, as the majority of them are very simplistic and easily get their point across. They are not overcrowded with words and they accurately depict the main features of the shoes. As


Figure 1. An advertisement for the Nike Air Max 360 basketball shoe. It features a full-length air unit, which is the inspiration for the quote, “Ball On Air”.

seen in Figure 1, the ad is dominated by the basketball shoe. Under the shoe, the phrase “Ball On Air” is written in the classic Nike sans-serif font. On the shoe, the translucent outsole is highlighted. This translucent sole is the “Air” the words refer to in the advertisement. It causes the viewer to develop curiosity about what it is like to play in that shoe.


Nike footwear is worn by people of all ages and backgrounds. However, Nike only targets certain groups with their advertisements. As stated in their 2014 letter to shareholders, Nike targets both male and female athletes. The ages of these athletes usually fall between 18 and the early 30s. Nike advertisements usually portray a mood of empowerment. They want the viewer to feel like wearing the shoe will improve their performance.


The advertisements are dominated by a mixture of colors. The background and little features are done in cool colors, while the most important features of the ad


Figure 2. A Nike ad featuring their new Mercurial boots (cleats). Featured is the soccer star, Neymar.

s are highlighted with warm colors. In Figure 2, the shoes and mini explosion are executed in orange and red. These colors draw the viewer’s eyes to it as depicts what “explosive speed” is as mentioned in the advertisement. This ad also features soccer star, Neymar. Nike implements professional athletes on advertisements to add credibility to their shoes and its features.





Sometimes Nike is too simplistic with their advertisements. Figure 3 contains no words, and it pictures part of a shoe and a role of a thread. Even though some vi


Figure 3. Ad for Nike’s revolutionary upper on shoes called, Flyknit. The whole upper is made from one single thread.

ewers will understand that the entire upper of the shoe is crafted from one piece of thread, not all of
them will. This simplicity is the biggest problem that Nike makes with advertisements.


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