Iry the story teller

Hi everyone, I am Iry’ice (as it is the name i usually use online)

If anyone see me in real life I am Brian, international student from China. Currently wearing big glasses. I get into this class because i honor the power of communication. Although i admit i do not have much talent in this field.

I have a poor sense of movie because of my first few movie experiences.

When I was four or five, my parents started to take me to moves… but the genre the like are HORROR MOVIES. That experience made me feel upset every time i see a movie screen or be in a movie theater. Pretty sad isn’t it?

My hobby is to write stories, as well as doing arts and crafts. Recently kinda looking into Emuera game programming (because it is easy). Playing with formulas and codes is very fun indeed.

If I am compelled to write something here i would prefer writing one story and keep updating. what type of stories shall I write?

  1. Adventure Story (fantasy)
  2. Romance [or anti romance] story (fantasy)
  3. Good Feeling Story (fantasy, comedy

Prefer Fantasy though. Please Write on Comments if have any Ideas.


Giving credit to Mila, Deviant Art, saved it several years ago, can’t find that source anymore haha

Thanks Everyone!




About IryNeko

Mew, hi everyone I am Iry, I draw things. Please Follow me if you like what I drew. I am currently available as a video game designer, capable of doing both 2D and 3D works. Message me if you are seeking someone who can make your game look great!
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