Yes, My Name is Evan.

Each time I have to give someone my name I robotically say, “Evan. E-V-A-N. Evan. Like the boy name.” It’s so frustrating to watch people’s face ring with confusion, then recognition, and even more confusion, because, hey, she’s a girl! Sometimes, though it’s not even the gender thing that confuses people. They don’t know how to spell it, no matter how common and obvious it is. About thirty percent of people I encounter write my name as “Even.” This is almost worse than the gender problem because “even” is a word in the English language, with one definition of dozens from being “uniform in action, character, or quality”

I am an only child raised by two old, white atheists. As a result, I can be selfish, vocal, and


I went to a shady area in Houston just so I could take pictures in front of a mural to post on Instagram. There were around 20 people there who looked like they could’ve worked at Urban Outfitters. I hated myself but still posted pictures anyway. 

irrational. But I can also be sympathetic, shy, and pragmatic. When you combine these personality traits with other parts of my being, I often get pegged as the “quirky” one. But that’s not how I identify. Because, to me, the idea of an individual being “quirky” assumes that most people have duplicate personalities, and that this one person chooses to stand out, make an impression, and be different. This reinforces stereotypes. Gross.

I’ve got a severe case of wanderlust. I love to travel with my parents, mostly because I love them, but also because I can get them to foot most of the bill. Out of all of the places I’ve visited, my favorite two cities are London and Oslo, and I hope to visit South Korea in the near future.

I devour movies (my favorites include Little Miss Sunshine, Whip It, Grand Budapest Hotel, Exit Through the Gift Shop, and Babe) and TV shows (diehard fan of the U.S. The Office and constantly waiting for the next season of The Great British Baking Show to appear on the PBS website). I also scroll through way too much Instagram for my own health. I feel pretty confident (this is probably false confidence) in my understanding of how I consume media, but I also think that I have a lot left to understand in terms of how media is manipulated for consumption purposes and how others consume it.

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