Turning a Passion into a Business

Michael Jordan was arguably the greatest basketball player ever to live. He crushed the dreams of opposing teams with clutch, last-second shots. He made defenders look silly on the court as he drove right past them for an easy basket. He won 6-NBA championships; currents players dream just to win one. Even with all of his basketball success, he is known more for his shoes than his basketball career if you ask today’s youth.

sneaker con

A look inside of the sneaker event, Sneaker Con. There are typically a few thousand people in attendance.


As a young kid, my brother introduced me to the world of sneakers. As I grew up, I realized that I had a passion for sneakers and business. I started to notice that whenever a new sneaker would release on Saturday, it would sell out instantly. I would check eBay and that same shoe that sold-out in stores was selling for up to $200 more than its MSRP. Immediately, my business-oriented mind took over. I spent hours researching the best ways to purchase these limited sneakers. After many hours I got very skilled at acquiring these hard-to-get sneakers, and I was able to make some decent money as a teenager.

Fast forward five years later. I now sell a few thousand dollars’ worth of sneakers a month. I attend bi- annual sneaker conventions that are located in Texas. At the conventions, thousands of people come to buy, sell and trade their shoes. Looking back to when I started, I have learned so much from the sneaker industry, and it has fostered the majority of my “business growth.”

I plan on majoring in accounting at Trinity. Even though I am not majoring in communications, I recognize the important of communication in all facets of life and particularly in business. Communicating to sell a product to your customers, or yourself to a client or employer is unavoidable and critically important. I chose this class because I believe that will enhance my ability to communicate in the variety of ways. I know I can take key concepts from this class, and apply them to many different situations.

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