This is Me

Hi guys, my name is Kaitlyn but some people call me Kate. If you wanted to get to know me, I’d say you could probably find me either just trying new foods with my friends or exploring someplace I’ve never been before. I’ve always loved anything that’s challenging to me in a way that forces me to be open to new people or new experiences. I’ve always thought that’s when I grow, and where I grow is where I’m most happy. 


This was the first meal I had in China

So, with that being said, someone could probably guess that my happiest moments were when I was studying abroad in China. I met interesting people that I’m sad to say I normally wouldn’t have been able to get to know as intimately as I was able to while abroad. I tried what I would have considered bizarre foods, including snake. This recipe seems to be the closest to what I had, although the one I had was made by a friendly street vendor who probably had the warmest smile of anyone I’ve met. I tried on new styles of clothing that looked silly to me. I tried on a new way of thinking-one that told me constantly that I was just skimming the surface and one that would make me appreciate being uncomfortable.

I went to China with the hopes of learning a bit more about my culture. I’m half Chinese, and so I thought I’d know more about myself once I got there. Instead, I found that I knew practically nothing about myself, since the person I was expanding into was someone I never could have dreamed was inside. So, with some yuan in my pocket, a couple new lifelong friends, and an itch to get to know the world, I came back.

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