The Tip of the Iceberg

I think it would be difficult, if not impossible, to thoroughly describe myself as a person in a few paragraphs, so I’ll start off with the most relevant facts about myself. My name is Meredith Licata and I am a junior from Buffalo, New York. I have decided to major in International Business with a minor in Chinese. I am a member of the Trinity University Women’s Soccer team and have been playing soccer since I was about ten years old. Soccer has been a huge part of my life and was a significant part of why I chose Trinity for my undergrad education. For any fellow soccer fans, you can find this year’s game schedule on the women’s soccer page on the Trinity Athletics website.  Along with soccer, I am active in the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi here at Trinity. Admittedly, I joined this fraternity because I thought it would look good on my resume, but ended up connecting with the other members, learning a lot about business and interview processes, and got the opportunity to meet some incredible people outside of the soccer team.


A class photo of the juniors on the Trinity University Women’s Soccer team.

Outside of school, soccer, and part time jobs I like to be outdoors in any way possible. I’ll jump at any chance to go camping, hiking, biking, exploring San Antonio, rollerblading, and  taking spontaneous road trips regardless of the time of day or night. I also enjoy learning languages and hope to be fluent in Chinese and Spanish someday. I think my love of languages stems from my wish to travel around the world (hopefully to every continent) and experience as much as possible. Those who know me well will tell you that I stop to pet every dog (never had any pets growing up) but pugs are absolutely my favorite. I can and will eat potatoes at every opportunity and I love coffee and will struggle if I have to go too long without a quality brew.

One thing most people don’t know about me is that I have a sandwich named after me at a restaurant in Buffalo. I’ve worked at the sandwich shop/ice cream bar, Nina’s, since I was fifteen years old. It is only a five minute walk from my house and it was the main hangout destination throughout grade school. I have known the owners since I was eight years old and both of my older sisters worked brief stints at Nina’s as well. When I left for college it was fairly emotional because I didn’t know if I was going to  return to work the following summer. As a farewell gift my boss decided to name a panini after me: The Chicken Licata. This sandwich contains grilled chicken, provolone cheese, pesto and bruscetta toasted in a panini press. I always made myself a Chicken Licata on break and it miraculously ended up being a staple at Nina’s.  If you ever find yourself in Western New York, I highly recommend it.

I ended up in this class because I needed to fulfill a common curriculum requirement, and Media Interpretation seemed like the best option. I, like most millennials, am often on social media, and subsequently am exposed to media everyday in various ways. I love movies, Netflix, magazines, music and even newspapers so I figured being able to understand subliminal messages and dig deeper into media would be fascinating. Furthermore, I think this class will help me determine my opinion on certain topics in the media. I think the material is not only relevant, but necessary to understand in today’s society.

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