The Mysteries of Mina


The 1992 theatrical poster for Bram Stoker’s Dracula 

First off my name isn’t Mina, well not legally. My real name is Yasmine, but I have been called Mina since I could talk so I always introduce myself to people as Mina.The nickname of Mina was coined by parents after my mom watched that awful Bram Stoker’s Dracula from 1992. According to the movie Dracula was trying to seduce the main character’s wife, Mina. Upon realizing the harsh truth that I was named after Dracula’s girlfriend in the sixth grade I have forever questioned my parents decision making abilities.

To add to my many mysteries I am notorious for confusing people when it comes to my ethnicity. I am Chilean on my mom’s side, and a quarter Arab on my dad’s side. If you’re wondering if I can speak Spanish and arabic the answer is sadly, no. I actually had to learn Spanish in high school but hearing my mom and her family speak it while growing up definitely sharpened my comprehension skills. I was born in Tucson, Arizona but I was not raised there. Growing up as the daughter of a petroleum engineer meant I moved around a lot, from the beaches of southern California to the picturesque beaches of Oman. I have definitely seen a lot of the world but I have to say my favorite place is Texas. Which is why I chose to stay in Texas and study Neuroscience in San Antonio.

The fact that I am avid Star Wars, video game, and superheroes fan has seemed to shock many people as well. I guess I do not fit the “geek” stereotype as I wear contacts, make up, and got my braces off in high school. Even when I wear Star Wars shirts and sweaters people assume I wear it for the fashion and not out of my love for the series. The video games I choose to play are role playing ones such as Mass Effect or Dragon Age. When it comes to superheroes, I watch the movies and read the comics. My favorite comic books to read are the X-Men comics. I am slightly more of a Marvel fan than a DC fan. In fact when I found out that the whole volume 1 of Ms. Marvel was a required reading for this class I was pleasantly  surprised! I had no clue when I signed up for this class that I would be able to a comic for this class.

I actually ended up in this class to not only fulfill a pathways requirement, (I am a Neuroscience Major) but also because I have a friend who took this class before. My friend enjoyed this class so much they recommended it for me. After hearing that this class totally offers new perspectives on the media and even advertisements I became very interested in this class. However, the popularity of this class posed a problem as I couldn’t register for it at first. Thankfully I was able to get in through the waitlist. I look forward to the analyses I will make in this class and how my views will change.

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