My name is Soleil (like the circus)

When I took EIT last year, I had to create my own blog and post regularly.  At the time, the professor told us that this would be a great opportunity to show potential employers all of our marketable skills (namely, the ability to write coherently and a passable excuse of HTML coding).  Even though it kills me to link the devastation of that abandoned blog, I need it to stress something that’s important to me: the permanence of writing.

In 4th grade, I started my first novel.  I managed over 100 pages of size 14 Times New Roman font in one single Word doc.  I’m not sure what made me

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 8.07.30 PM

This classy Instagram photo perfectly encapsulates my witty and whimsical nature.

stop, other than the fact that I knew it wasn’t going anywhere.  Over the years, my creative juices have run dry, but I still value writing, fiction and non-fiction, far above many other things.  When I say that writing is important, I don’t mean simply for myself.  Even now, the only piece of continuous writing I can hold to my name is a journal (and my sad excuse of a technology-inspired blog).  Books, articles, movie scripts, comics, diaries, academic journals.  Every time someone puts something down in writing, it becomes permanent.  Everything in our heads is messy.  They’re half-formed ideas and speculations, when they could be complete and communicable words.  By putting what’s in my head onto paper (or computer screen) my thoughts have been immortalized in some way.

Long story short: even though the blog that I linked up above is not something I will ever mention to future employers, I’m still proud to have done it.  It’s a product of me, which is wholly unique in that way.  The high esteem that I hold writing in easily transfers to media, which is one reason why I’m taking this class.  As someone who is voluntarily barraged by media every day, I think it’s important that I take time to critically learn and analyze it, especially because of how highly I regard creative products.

All in all, I’m a fun person who likes fun things.  This post was enjoyable to write, but I don’t have profound thoughts on the daily.  In my past time I like watching Netflix (Jane the Virgin is my priority right now), eating food with my friends, and getting paid to correct people’s grammar (I’m a copy editor for the Trinitonian this year).  I’m excited to take this class this semester!

-Soleil (So-Lay)

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