Escapades of a Cloud Walker


“I swear to you, there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell”- Walt Whitman

Imagine driving through the darkest of night, only able to see what your headlights illuminate and the hazy light of the stars outlining the equivocal silhouettes that seem to engulf you. You can see little but feel so much. The thrill of delving into the unknown pushes you to continue further without fully understanding why. You have no idea where you’re headed. The road is your destination, and the stars give you purpose. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Though it may seem pointless and perhaps uneconomical, I find driving without a purpose to be one of the most satisfying activities. During this time the mind can wander without the ever-pressing burdens of stress that the real world entails. In short, this is my favorite break from reality.

So what is my reality? Well my name is Tierney Kaitlin Thomison, however often times they call me T. Yep, just the letter. I grew up in the small town of Waxahachie, Texas. I’ve been roaming this earth for nearly twenty and a half years, and still have no idea where I am headed. I came to Trinity planning to study neuroscience, however that is no longer the case. At the moment I plan to major in psychology with a minor in sociology and spanish… and maybe communications… but that is still a work in progress. In fact, that is the reason I found myself in this class, COMM 2302. Aside from my family of two brothers and one sister, I also found another family in the Trinity Women’s Soccer Team, and I love every moment with those gals. Between soccer and school, I consume an abnormal amount of caffeine but I’m not at all concerned about that. Coffee is a delicacy. A drink of the gods if you will.

In addition to soccer, I have a couple of hobbies such as roller-skating, jumping into bodies of water, collecting notable quotes, climbing mountains, exploring roof tops, backpacking, playing ukelele, doodling endlessly, and experimenting with cooking foods on my panini press that I found at a garage sale. Tacked on to all of these is my passion for photography, both film and digital, which I like to incorporate into my life as much as possible. My Instagram shows the evolution of my photography capabilities, as well as these hobbies in action. Feel free to check it out, or hey I mean follows are always appreciated!

I recently stumbled upon the word “nefelibata” and it resonated deeply with who I see myself to be, hence the title of this post. I find myself fascinated with the world itself and the beautiful things within it that are often overlooked. Among my favorites of these treasures is the stunning time of day we know as the sunset, and, my personal favorite, the post- set or moon-rise if you will. The colors dance across the sky and solidify the idea that you lived to complete another day. Though its one of my favorite subjects to photograph, I’ve come to learn that this kind of beauty is wonderfully ineffable and tragically ephemeral. Alas, sometimes its best to just sit back, free your thoughts, and let your mind wander.




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