A Fun Combination of Nerdiness and OCD

If told you that I was going to begin the Battle Phase, attack with my Synchro Monster, and then set two traps and one spell card in my Main Phase 2, the-

Baseball 2016

Me playing baseball for Trinity University.

n you would probably have no clue what I was talking about. Throughout my life, I have always been passionately involved in sports. Not to mention, I have an amazing support system: my family. I come from a great home where love is highly valued. My older brother is my mentor and my family is my priority. In addition to m-
y passion for sports and school, I am a super nerd for card and video games. I am well versed in Yugioh. I have dedicated countless hours with my friends to developing skills to achieve Yugioh greatness. There are thousands of cards that are able to be used by players. I love the strategy and innocence I feel when playing. In part, I think this is a likely reason why I chose to study engineering. I enjoy the challenge, competition and strategy of the card game similar to engineering.

However, I also express my inner nerd in other ways as well. Some of you may have herd of World of Warcraft. It’s a very popular computer video game. I do that too. Often people, especially in our age group and amongst our peers, find large amounts of criticism for video games such as these. Truthfully, I think expressing yourself in ways that makes you happy is essential. I have garnered copious amounts of fun through Yugioh and World of Warcraft.

Now for the OCD. The acronym stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have battled this disorder my entire life. Despite it’s definition as a disorder, OCD is an immensely helpful tool, so long as I maintain control of it. If you were ask my close friends and family, my OCD has contributed a lot to who I am today. I have found that with OCD I am able to be very diligent and organized. This did however, come at the expense of a lot of work (and failure) with the disorder. I am happy to say that as of today I am largely in control of my OCD.

In combination with my nerdiness and OCD I also have a large passion for nature and backpacking. Camping and the outdoors are two huge passions of mine as well. I would love to backpack across Europe someday as well as live in other countries besides the United States. I believe that the opportunities presented at Trinity for me allow these dreams to be a tangible reality.

Today I am a nerd who loves baseball, family and dogs. As I stated earlier, I am a junior engineer who spends large amounts of time dedicated to the things I love. I hold all of these things close to my heart and I hope to share these passions with you throughout the course together.

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