Who Are You?

Whenever this question is asked I can’t help but think of this song. The Who’s Who Are You is one of my favorite rock ballads. Townsend’s bold guitar riffs and Roger Daltry’s powerful voice beckons to an unknown woman asking “who are you?” Oh man, if only that question could be punctuated with distorted power chords every time it’s asked.

Unfortunately, I’m little less glamorous than a Who show. I grew up in Mission, Texas located five miles from the Rio Grande River. I used to run 5k races that took me along the border wall and under the bridge which unites the two countries. It was hot and humid, but the Tex-Mex was divine. I then moved up to Montana where I went to boarding school and community college for a year. If you want to see heaven, Montana is it. I fell in love with Glacier National Park, public land, hiking trails, and the snow-capped mountains. Fun fact, Montana finally broke 1 million residents yet still remains the 48th state when ranked by population density.


A 21 inch Brown Trout I caught this summer on the Missouri River in Montana. Biggest fish I’ve landed on a fly rod!

For college I decided to move to San Antonio to get away from all the snow. Not sure if I exactly enjoy Trinity, but I am sure I miss somewhere colder and more empty. I’m taking this class to fulfill Common Curriculum classes and because a friend recommended it. I am definitely excited to analyze teenagers in the media and be extremely happy I am no longer one.


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