What does it mean to be a “sorority girl?”


Phi Delta Kappa is one of the seven sororities at Trinity University

“So why did you choose to go to school in Texas again?” People usually ask me this question after I tell them I’m leaving my hometown of Colorado to attend a small, liberal arts school in San Antonio. I usually answer this question the same way: although the culture and climate in Texas are different than what I’m used to (Colorado doesn’t have humidity, Whataburger, and events like Fiesta), I felt a conspicuous sense of community and belonging the second I walked on Trinity’s campus.

That sense of community and belonging grew even more when I decided to join the ladies of Phi Delta Kappa. I wasn’t planning to participate in Greek Life at first. Although my mom and sister pledged sororities in college, I’d never been the most outgoing girl and it was a little out of my comfort zone. After a few rush dates, however, I discovered that sorority girls at Trinity aren’t like the ones portrayed in the media (e.g. Legally Blonde). Sorority girls at Trinity are fun, down-to-earth, and involved on campus.

Phi Delta Kappa has been a big part of my life at Trinity, but the stereotypical definition of a “sorority girl” doesn’t define me. My sisters have different interests and friend groups than I do. For example, I’m one of the few business majors in my sorority and enjoy tennis, traveling, reading, and playing the piano.

Although media is a wonderful tool and source of entertainment, it’s wise to use discretion and be aware of the ways it portrays reality. The sorority life that’s portrayed in the media is nothing like what I’ve experienced.








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