The Trials of Miles

For most people, running is a pain. Its that thing you force yourself to do because you want to feel healthy or you feel bad about eating so much last night. While I definitely understand the pain part, running for me is a passion, something that I honestly love to do. When I joined cross country on a whim four years ago I never expected it to have such a profound impact on my life.


Me running the 5K at the Pomona-Pitzer Invite, my first ever collegiate win. Looks like fun right?

Today I run for Trinity’s team and I am more in love than ever. As weird as it may sound, I look forward to working my mileage up and getting to run 70+ miles a week. Running changed my life and made me stronger, bolder, and happier, and taught me how to take care of my body. To me, running is the truest sport out there. There’s no fouls, or bad referee calls, or people rolling around on the field screaming because they stubbed their toes, just a group of people pushing their limits and pain tolerances to the max to see who can cross the line first. Nowadays my goal is to become an Ultra-marathoner and emulate the ways of Scott Jurek, one of my running heroes.

Like most collegiate athletes, I love to overextend myself. I am currently a Biology major and a hopeful Sociology minor, as well as being a member of the Academic Honor Council, the United Students Methodist Movement (UMSM), and a sports writer for the Trinitonian. It’s kind of a weird group of activities, and sometimes I wonder what I’m doing in all of them, but at the end of the day I enjoy all of them and honestly just really do not like having free time.  My mom calls me hyperactive, but I like to use the word motivated.

I took this class primarily for common curriculum, but I’ve always been interested in analyzing media as I know first hand how influential it can be. As a child raised in a strict Church of Christ church, watching RENT changed my life and opened my eyes to something outside of what I had been taught. I’m interested to learn more about how media affects people’s perception of the world, and how the people creating the media work to get their message across.


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