Pitch Perfect 3: The Next Generation


The Trinity AcaBellas (pictured above) are the all female a cappella group on campus.

When I tell someone that I am in an a cappella group the first question I get is, “Is it like Pitch Perfect?” and my answer is always “No.” While these questions always lead to interesting conversations like, “Do you have an initiation?” and “Are you like the real life Anna Kendrick?” the summary of the conversations is always the same: no, Pitch Perfect does not describe every a cappella group. Not to say that it does not describe any of the groups, but in my opinion most groups have to prepare arrangements and cannot magically know how their part goes without ever rehearsing it before. Pitch Perfect has changed the way the world views a cappella, and it is a great example of the way media impacts how a person thinks. I find this subject interesting which is why I wanted to take this course.

 After telling people that I am in the Trinity AcaBellas, they usually think that being an AcaBella is my whole life just like in the movie. But again, they are wrong. I am an Accounting major with a Math minor. I have always loved math and wanted to do something in business, so when I left high school I thought accounting would be a good mix of the two.

Although I am not pursuing music as my career, it will always have an impact on my life. I have played the cello for nine years in my middle school and high school orchestra in Cypress, Texas and now in the Trinity Symphony Orchestra on campus. Both orchestra and the AcaBellas have made my Trinity experience amazing. In AcaBellas, we perform bi-weekly on campus and have several gigs around San Antonio. Some of my favorite songs that we have performed are “Colder Weather” by Zac Brown Band and “Wind” by Joseph. Both of these songs focus on our sound as a group which gives us a richer quality.

Overall, my life is not a summary from a Pitch Perfect movie. In fact, if my life was made into a movie it would have horrible ratings because it is not as exciting as what others assume. My life revolves around school and family, so only about thirty percent of it would be me rehearsing and performing with the AcaBellas. Although the AcaBellas is a big part of my life, it is not the only thing I do even though Pitch Perfect states otherwise.


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