Blog Post #1. Introductions


Goffman wrote The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life back in 1956, but he uncannily anticipated contemporary social media and online behavior.

Your first blog assignment is due before class on Monday (8/29). If you are new to WordPress, please do not worry. We will go over the posting process together on Friday morning.

In a short (4-5 paragraph) blog posting, please introduce yourself to the rest of the class.  Who are you? How did you end up in this class? What is something most people don’t know about you? Think of this as an opportunity to engage in what the sociologist Erving Goffman termed “the presentation of self in everyday life.”

Before you post your message, please take a few minutes to review the blog posting guidelines found in the Assignments section on TLEARN. In addition to the grading criteria, the handout includes a checklist with the following items:

  • Blog posting begins with a unique and creative title.
  • Blog posting weaves together ideas from assigned reading and acknowledges ideas articulated by other students in class. (Not particularly relevant to the introductory posting, but this will be important in future blog assignments.)
  • Blog posting is thoroughly proofread for writing mechanics. (Always important.)
  • Blog posting includes at least one picture (with a caption) that is right-aligned or left-aligned within the body of the text.
  • Blog posting includes at least one annotated hyperlink that points to other Internet resources. By “annotated hyperlink,” I mean that the linked part of your prose should actually describe the linked content. You should never just plop a URL into a posting without explaining where it leads.
  • Blog posting uses the “Insert More” command to create a break after the first paragraph. This makes it easier for readers to skim the postings in the class blog.
  • Blog posting uses the appropriate CATEGORY (e.g. “Blog #1. Introductions”).

Thanks! Please let me know if you encounter any problems or have any questions about this. I realize that this system might be new to many people in the class. This assignment is a low-stress opportunity for you to get a handle on the blogging software while also introducing yourself to your classmates.

p.s. You can learn more about the history of blogs by consulting the article “A Brief History of Blogging” on the Web Designer Depot.


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